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Confirmation 2016-2017

Sandy Sullivan
Associate for Youth Ministries

St. E’s welcomes the newly confirmed Class of 2017!

The Program: St. Elizabeth's Eighth Graders Mature in the Knowledge and Love of God during Nine-Month Confirmation Program 

Confirmation is a sacred rite at which Christians who have matured in their relationship with God and in an understanding of the Christian faith “confirm” for themselves the faith into which they were baptized as infants. One can choose to be confirmed when one feels so matured. Thus, every year there are confirmands from ages 11 through adulthood in our Diocese.

At St. Elizabeth’s, our Confirmation Program gives our eighth graders an opportunity to mature in their relationship with God and in an understanding of the Christian faith. The program is structured around nine months of prayer, study, service and fellowship so that the young participants practice living as more-adult Christians — mentored by parents as well as by numerous older teens and adults from the parish family. Happily, growth is very evident in participants who commit themselves to the program and many of them continue to be actively-growing people of God in our faith community during their high school years beyond Confirmation.

Great Parenting Guides for Parents with Teens:

Raising Great Kids—A Comprehensive Guide to Parenting with Grace and Truth by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend

How to Talk So Teens Will Listen & Listen So Teens Will Talk by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish
Boundaries With Teens: When to Say Yes, How to Say No by Drs. Cloud & Townsend  

Prayers for the Confirmation Class

St. E’s Confirmands’ Questions for God

If you could ask God one question, what would it be? These are some of the questions that our confirmands say they would ask God if they were given the chance:
“Why don’t you punish people who are hurting society now, so they will stop?” “Why do you take people out of our lives?” “I’ve read about spiritual warfare; will you tell me more about that?” “What do you have in mind for me in the future?” “If you want everyone to be good, why did you make some people who do bad things?” “What is the meaning of Life?” “How can we fix some of the bad things in the world?”   

Confirmation Preparation at St. Elizabeth's

Confirmands Lead Worship each Spring

Each confirmand will have an important role in the teamwork of leading our Church Family to give glory to God one Sunday in the spring. Preparation requires two Sunday classes, two Tuesday afternoon classes and a Saturday rehearsal during which the Confirmation 2015 Team will be coached by The Rev. Joan Conley, Associate Choirmaster Catherine Hostetler and several lay mentors. The multi-class preparation process and their teamwork in leading worship are important to our confirmands’ development as more adult Christians.

Adult Sponsors

Each member of next year’s 8th grade Confirmation Class has a sponsor who is an adult, not a member of their family, and active at St. Elizabeth’s. A sponsor is a mentor in full membership in a church and in a mature understanding of the commitments of an adult Christian.

A sponsor is not a substitute parent, but an additional trustworthy adult. Sponsors help the confirmands develop a sense of membership in the congregation in their own right and not simply as an extension of their parents.

The incorporation of sponsors is part of the goal to make Confirmation year a transitional year from being in the congregation as a child to being in it as an adult. Students choose among a number of roles with adult responsibilities, and the sponsors serve as coaches and mentors in that work.

If someone asks you to be a sponsor, please say yes! For more information about being a sponsor, including some very specific suggestions of ways to support the member of the class whom you sponsor, please contact Sandy Sullivan (



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