Funeral Services
Funerals have at their center our belief in the resurrection and our hope for the life to come. The source of comfort for Christians is not that God rewards good lives, but that God raises all of us to new life beyond death. As an Episcopal Church, our services follow the liturgy for The Burial of the Dead in The Book of Common Prayer and our readings, as in all services, are from the Bible.

The Memorial Garden
St. Elizabeth's has established The Memorial Garden, just north of the sanctuary outside of the Church, to provide a place on the Church grounds for the interment of the ashes of parishioners or their close family members who have entered their larger life with God. Following the words from the Burial Office, "earth to earth, ashes to ashes," we place the ashes directly into the earth which has nurtured us all of our lives and from which all earthly life grows.

All Saints’ Day
Every All Saints’ Day we include in our prayers the names of all who have been interred in the Garden. The names of those interred are also added to a plaque in the narthex.

Interested in having a funeral at St. Elizabeth's 
For more information about funerals at St. Elizabeth's, or the Memorial Garden, please contact the Church Office at 201-444-2299.

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